Project Description

Asumare / Assuming

Este o lucrare cu caracter complex, afisat intr-o imagine simpla, cu un mesaj care se intampla in toata lumea, acela ca oamenii sa-si asume faptele si sa nu mai arunce cu vina si alte ascunzisuri ale propriilor manifestari. Mesajul nu este unul acuzator, ceea ce ar putea trezi unelor perceptii, ci este unul care puncteaza catre o directie evolutiva, cea a asumarii. /

A very simple image showing a message of a human nature happening all over the world: people to assume their acts, their words, their facts and not to blame others. Not to hide their own faults anymore. The message of the painting is not an accusation, but is a pointer to an progressive direction – the direction of assuming and responsibility.

Tip / Type: ulei pe panza / oil on canvas
Dimensiune / Size: 50 x 90 cm
Pret / Price: 6500 lei